Keynote: Office 365 Platform

Basic concepts

Microsoft Graph

  • People
    • Mails, Files, Data
      • Data Insight

Layering: Canvases upon Graph

Extensions on Canvases

Office Canvases (Documents, Conversations, Pages)



  • Rich Content
  • Data Insight
  • Flow

Emerging Patterns

  • Smart Picker
  • Graph-powered Bots
  • Intelligent Business Processes

Document Canvas

Conversation Canvas

  • Outlook
  • Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Interface: Bots
    • Organization: Tab connector

Page Canvas

Demo 1: Action Msg

Action Msg is written inside meta info of email. On supported viewers, the json-based content will be rendered in interactive form.

Graph Explorer REST API Demo

Demo: Excel APIs in Script Lab

Script Lab

Demo: Add-in Single Sign-on

Demo: JS User Defined Functions

Acquisition and Deployment

Admin can execute centralized deployment in his domain. Streamlined development and deployment.

Realizing Value from the Office 365 Platform

Packaged Solutions

Power apps and flow

What SharePoints is based on. No code, UI only.

Reference Solutions on GitHub

Custom Development

PowerApps and Flow

PowerApps <==> Microsoft Flow <==> Common Data Service

Inherently cross-platform

Case Study: Finance Solution on Office 365

Problem Dynamically updating data and content across several Word documents from Excel, making them consistent.

Attend an Office 365 Developer Boot Camp


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